Daniel Theriault

Daniel Thériault is an M.A. student in political science at McGill University. Before joining the program, he completed his B.A. in political science and French at the University of Utah, in the United-States. As an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scholar, Daniel carried out an independent project evaluating the role state identity played in the Obama Administration’s military and humanitarian intervention in Northern Iraq, during the 2014 Yazidi Crisis. His current research interests include the interplay between state identity and norm localization more specifically, and social theory in International Relations more broadly. A recipient of the SSHRC graduate award, Daniel is focusing on the convergence of state identity, norm localization and ontological security in analyzing the operationalization of the “Responsibility to Protect” in the Yazidi Crisis case study mentioned above.

Keywords: Social theory, State Identity, Humanitarianism, International Norms