Christopher Parisella

Chris is an M.A. student in the Department of Political Science at McGill University, and part of the Development Studies Option at the Institute for the Study of International Development. His research concerns culturally legitimate practices which stand at odds with international human rights law, and the ways in which international actors can most effectively navigate the challenges they present. He hopes to identify the factors which contribute to the successful integration of international human rights law in a given society, and to contribute to the development of responsible human rights advocacy and international development practices. 

Chris completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Rhode Island, where he majored in Political Science, Writing & Rhetoric, and French. For his honors capstone project, Chris did independent research on the public sentiments surrounding forced child begging practices in Senegal, where he studied abroad in 2018 as a David L. Boren National Security Scholar. 

Key words: human rights, international organizations, legal pluralism, development studies.